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  • UNI EN 1811:2015 - EN 1811:2011 + A1:2015
    Reference test method for the release of nickel from all the assemblies that are inserted into perforated parts of the human body and articles intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.​​
  • UNI EN 1904:2001 - EN 1904:2000
    Precious metals - Title of solder alloys used with precious metal jewelery items​
  • UNI EN 29202:1994 - EN 29202:1992 - ISO 9202:2014
    Goldsmith. Title of precious metal alloys​​
  • ASTM B561
    Standard specification for refined gold​​
  • ASTM B589
    ​Standard specification for refined palladium​​
  • ASTM B527
    Standard test methods for tap density of metal powders and compounds
  • UNI 11236
    ​Determination of gold in golden alloys for jewelry: x-ray fluorescence spectrometry with energy dispersion (EDXRF)​
  • ISO 15096
    Jewellery - Determination of silver in 999‰​ silver jewellery alloys - Difference method using ICP-OES​
  • ISO 15093
    Jewellery - Determination of precious metals in 999‰​ gold, platinum and palladium jewellery alloys - Difference method using ICP-OES​​
  • ISO 8653
    ​Jewellery - Ring-Sizes - Definition, measurement and designation​​
  • ASTM B413
    Standard specification for refined silver